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Based on the description of >>2073150:
"Do you mind if I cover up your Twiggie statue?"

"We dont have a Twiggie statue! Get out of the house!"
safe (1392935)artist:tjpones (2592)color edit (6024)edit (93184)twilight sparkle (253271)oc (508908)blushing (149212)blush sticker (1654)chubbie (1050)clown (486)colored (14877)duo (37317)ear piercing (15902)face paint (520)female (724317)grayscale (30687)mare (317534)meta (14896)monochrome (132424)pencil drawing (6276)piercing (27020)pony (659210)red nose (278)simple background (281546)smol (277)they know (22)tiny (776)tiny ponies (1079)tjpones is trying to murder us (74)tjpones knows who twi clown is (1)traditional art (94040)twiggie (29)unicorn (190245)unicorn twilight (6411)zebra (12941)zebra oc (1622)

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Pretty soft for a Sony.
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Just you wait, TJ will draw up a new avatar that you won’t be able to resist using and only after you wear it proudly like a new badge, you will realize that it marks you as a apprentice of the wonder horse herself! You will find yourself at parties with friends tipping over all of their chocolate milk!
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I’m not sure I get why the description of the original would warrant a weird clown face edit.
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