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The aggravating adventure with Pun continues
Fortunately the Night Guard made plans for how to handle time traveling agents soon after its inception, so we have codes to confirm who we are and ensure that nothing the time traveler does is officially recorded.
As for the “doctor” I gathered that he still doesn’t see himself as a pony, and thus doesn’t quite understand the range of abilities that a cutie mark confers.
safe1878149 artist:jitterbugjive801 doctor whooves11279 time turner11273 oc786384 oc:pun1597 oc:westwood34 bat pony59141 earth pony320895 pegasus364007 pony1223937 ask discorded whooves402 ask pun1813 agent 707134 armor26161 ask25331 crossover66730 discord whooves420 doctor who3745 doctor whooves is not amused98 female1515944 male427717 mare565958 night guard1989 night guard armor229 race swap16586 spear2700 stallion134841 tardis1541 the doctor1433 weapon34378


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The Glim Glam
Wallet After Summer Sale -
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Glim Glam Fam~
Considering the story is still the same “Dissy hates himself, tries to be better but Discord hits the reboot button”, eh.
Plus from what I saw, his satellite love interest Miss Twilight Sparkle seems to have vanished following that blog’s end