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Some time ago I found on the internet a series of character redesigns for the Mane6 from My Little Pony, made for G5. Seeing the…
safe1722730 artist:geminineart9 part of a set12629 pinkie pie217765 earth pony254990 pony983234 alternate cutie mark1625 bangles121 bracelet9610 candy6995 choker12356 cutie mark48280 female1377585 food71212 g5 concept leak style967 g5 concept leaks951 hair accessory348 jewelry65242 leg warmers2492 looking at you171348 mare488981 open mouth149053 pink background3064 pinkie pie (g5 concept leak)255 raised hoof47346 redesign2395 simple background399527 smiling253093 solo1075243 tail wrap6596 unshorn fetlocks26106 watermark16477


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