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This is an alternate version of my previous art ^^  
NSFW you can find on my patreon  
Also, I’m always open for commissions ^^

suggestive192504 alternate version88465 artist:discordthege308 princess celestia113715 princess luna118166 alicorn319293 anthro365158 unguligrade anthro66085 g42052923 armpits47138 belly45864 bra22140 breast grab10201 breasts397123 clothes644429 dancing11348 female1828354 grope19638 incest18175 lesbian119071 lingerie14227 looking at you264597 looking back88286 looking back at you30465 mare757697 panties64554 reasonably sized breasts4361 royal sisters6919 s1 luna8598 ship:princest2854 shipping257416 spread wings97310 stockings49440 thigh highs61154 underwear79859 wings229467


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Background Pony #34D4
oh princesses…I…I…O///O[nosebleed] you two are beautiful and lovely…[passing out]~ziltromon
Background Pony #1CE2
I like your art, but it is pretty disappointing you keep the nsfw stuff locked up for patreon users only, I think after a few months or so you should release the picture’s you had for patreons only, not the new stuff keep in mind, just the stuff that you don’t think anyone is gonna pay to see anymore after its been up for a few months, now while I’m not trying to be rude in saying this, I just felt it needed to be said, not everyone can give ya cash for art, now if I could, I would, but as it stands, some ponies don’t have, or use digital cash, shocker I know since this is the digital age, but last time I used digital cash I got robbed, hard, so either way this was not said to be rude, I don’t intend to be a prick, I just felt I should say this