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suggestive140810 artist:thelunarmoon375 fluttershy210862 pegasus285149 pony950900 blushing194658 butt55945 dialogue64480 dock49061 fat21859 fattershy1147 female1347200 flirting1448 flutterbutt4979 huge butt9669 large butt16297 mare472571 plot77760 solo1052350 solo female177910 squishy2516 talking5445 the ass was fat13635


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Background Pony #D4A3
Sorry about the tag mess. That was my profanity filter, I did not modify those tags at all. The stupid thing must have done that. Please don't ban me or anything, sorry!

@Background Pony #B914

Apparently they added it to another pic 3 weeks ago, deleting any tag with the actual word "ass" in it. No one seemed to notice. IDK what they're doing, but I won't delete the tags because they're kind of funny to me. I'll leave that to someone more… qualified. I'll add the other deleted tags, though.
Background Pony #2476
Excuse me sir did you create a tag that censors the word ass just for this pic