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safe1975256 artist:maren1567 rainbow dash259792 smolder10318 dragon72397 pegasus408412 pony1327601 blushing239358 butt180249 caught3953 clothes560793 commission97082 dragoness12145 duo118925 duo female20506 exclamation point4909 female1606775 goggles16508 hallway1126 high res86927 mare620124 open mouth198449 plot116737 princess smolder274 rainbutt dash5304 raised tail21324 school2080 school of friendship1584 smolder also dresses in style68 smolderriere451 sweat33768 tail66950 undressing5977 uniform13669 wardrobe malfunction5887 we don't normally wear clothes1013 wonderbolts uniform6705


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Background Pony #DEE6
Hey! One of you bastards got a match?
Uhhh, yeah. My butt and your, uhh… butt.

Ice eater
The following is from Maren’s DA source..
Thank you for commission !  
One day, on a weekend, when no one else was there,
Smolder was walking around school wearing a dress because she wanted to feel like a princess
and a few minutes later she was looking for a place to hide the dress because suddenly, she was ashamed of herself.
So, she looked forward while stepping back, but suddenly, her tail hit the tail of Rainbow.
Yes, Rainbow dash also was of the same type as her.
…This is my pure delusion. Ignore it XD
For MLP-Trinary