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For Celestia Day 2019 I created a little wire sculpture of Celestia. Emphasis is on "little" because I made a sculpture much smaller than the wire sculptures I did before in order to fit this one inside a bottle. This is one picture I took before I proceeded to bottle the princess.


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Artist -

Thank you very much, Thrashman :)
Indeed this figure is "minimalistic" with the focus on "mini" ;)
She really is only about half the size of most of my other wire figures, but the reason is mostly that I wanted to fit the figure into a small glass bottle (which worked out).
I think most of the wires I am using are made of steel (while there are also some copper wires). The wires are sold in different colors which luckily stick rather well to the wires when they are turned into sculptures.
Artist -

I am happy that you are still creating many different works of art.
Is the wire the color of copper or is the wire orange because of the lighting? This sculpture looks minimalistic in comparison with your past sculptures. This is because it is small. I like that it looks minimalistic, it goes well with its simple surroundings.