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Commission for :iconhalo3fan:  
Hey there!  
Now every month I will draw art rewards for my patrons, for only $ 15.  
Sketch or full-color headshot of your character with emotion to choose from. I myself will choose one or several people once a month ^^
So far I have few patrons, so you have a big chance to get a reward from me!
My patreon: “www.patreon.com/airiniblock”:www.patreon.com/airiniblock  
Commission open!~ www.deviantart.com/airiniblock…  
Find me here:  
My patreon: “www.patreon.com/airiniblock”:www.patreon.com/airiniblock  
My twitter\NSFW: “twitter.com/airiniblock”:twitter.com/airiniblock  
My FA: www.furaffinity.net/user/airin…  
E-mail: alexzhm78@mail.ru  
DA: “airiniblock.deviantart.com/”:airiniblock.deviantart.com/  
Discord: AiriniBlock#4761  
Tumblr\SFW: “airiniblock.tumblr.com/”:airiniblock.tumblr.com/  
VK: “vk.com/ireneblock”:vk.com/ireneblock
semi-grimdark30395 suggestive148537 artist:airiniblock634 twilight sparkle306535 alicorn233378 pony1013409 bondage34975 caption22120 chained528 chest fluff41365 cloth gag1641 clothes476959 commission73311 dress46142 dubious consent1228 female1404609 femsub11055 floppy ears54703 gag15020 horn78154 horn ring5843 implied princess celestia732 looking at you176155 magic75542 magic suppression4069 maid6060 outfit1391 rcf community5319 shackles1888 slave2707 socks68682 solo1096410 solo female183902 spread wings57235 submissive17163 telekinesis28801 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126319 wings123673


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