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safe1751178 artist:shieltar383 princess celestia96781 princess luna100805 oc712339 oc:big mark78 oc:grace harmony190 human159001 pony1011200 comic:birth of equestria254 beach16032 cewestia1805 clothes476257 comic111498 female1402457 filly69675 ocean7268 pink-mane celestia2632 shirt26192 winged human92 woona5104 younger17765


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dont think there was a nsfw comic, but in this comic it was heavily implied that they banging, and that it wasnt the first time (as that chapter started with them making out in their underwear.

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Was there some kind of side-NSFW patreon exclusive comic they did of those two banging or something? Because I'd like to know when and how he knocked her up!
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> sharps

Well that certainly makes for literal sense XD except for the ones that don't like basking or whale sharks

"It's going fun" is a turn of phrase I might just have to use some time.