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Good Morning!
I'm going to do all of the mane 6 older and with their families. First is Twilights!
Twilight Sparkle X Comet Tail — Star Swish
All bases by: www.deviantart.com/selenaede
safe1658617 artist:wispyaxolotl46 comet tail874 twilight sparkle294161 oc655155 oc:star swish2 alicorn215216 pony922782 unicorn303953 base used18228 blank flank7399 cometlight296 family4311 female1321592 filly63971 male357233 new crown288 offspring36928 parent:comet tail174 parent:twilight sparkle7915 parents:cometlight138 rainbow power2784 shipping194017 straight131856 twilight sparkle (alicorn)121070 twilight's castle3733


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