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so I thought on making this Wallpaper on my 2 favorite MLP Couples because I Done it before with my "New Years" art. and Might do more like this in the Future but For now I will plan on other arts I'm currently working on.

and also Plan on making 2 arts that will be "SFW" and "NSFW".
safe1681622 artist:ejlightning007arts993 gallus6612 silverstream6013 tempest shadow16650 twilight sparkle297373 alicorn219736 classical hippogriff4832 griffon26533 hippogriff9418 pony943707 broken horn13703 cuddling8248 cute196115 diastreamies1177 female1340763 gallabetes841 gallstream402 horn62850 hug27747 jewelry61304 lesbian95334 male364415 mare468806 necklace18162 shipping196976 straight133930 tempestbetes2614 tempestlight3531 text58337 twiabetes11524 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122471 wallpaper18456


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