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“Why won’t they FUCKING write back?”

Wolfsbane was pissed. A year ago, she’d gotten into an accident and found herself entranced by the one pony who stayed by her side during her recovery. She told herself not to fall for them, but she did. And now she had a foal, THEIR foal, and they wouldn’t so much as respond to the letter she sent telling them that, let alone offer to pay foal support. They didn’t even keep in touch like they promised to.

But she wouldn’t stand for that. She was a mare of responsibility, and she wouldn’t let her child’s sire shirk their part if she had anything to do with it. With the baby in a carrier and a goal in her mind, she set out to pay a visit to Sweet Apple Acres.


”Congratulations, idiot. You’re a parent.”

Wolf had marched all the way through the apple orchards to find them. And now she stood face-to-face with them, shoving her foal in their face.

Somerset simply looked at the baby with a lazy, carefree expression that made her want to smack them. “Ah’m sorry, what’s this?”

“Your child, moron. Are you deaf?” Wolf spat. “You would know if you read the letters I sent. At least twenty!”

”What’s goin’ on here?” A voice called called out as a golden-haired earth pony approached them. Honeycrisp, Wolf remembered. Her eyes widened in shock at the sight of the baby. “By Celestia Som, is that yours?”

”That’s what this gal’s tellin’ me,” they shrugged.

“‘This gal’?” Wolf scoffed in anger. “We FUCKED. Canoodled. Dingle-dongled. Had sex. Whatever you call it. Do you not remember that? Or even my NAME, you numbskull?”

”’Course Ah do! Foxy, wasn’t it? Or Bobcat? How do ya even know that filly’s mine?”

Honey looked to Wolf with a deadpan expression. “They can’t remember the names of any of the mares they slept with. It ain’t jus’ you.”

”Because I HAVEN’T SLEPT WITH ANYONE ELSE IN YEARS, unlike you!” Wolf screamed in their face. “If you had functioning eyes, you’d see that this kid looks just like you! I’m not raising her alone so YOU have to help me!” She shoved the foal into their arms.

Somerset looked down at the baby, THEIR baby, with visibly increasing panic. “Oh shit…okay.”

Their sister simply sighed and shook her head.

”I told you, Somerset. Now you done fucked up.”
safe1654115 artist:kindheart525776 oc652613 oc only431690 oc:guiding paw2 oc:honeycrisp138 oc:somerset sour cider29 oc:wolfsbane5 earth pony229629 pony918594 unicorn301870 kindverse852 offspring36783 offspring's offspring525 parent:big macintosh2940 parent:cheerilee399 parent:minty mocha5 parent:oc:somerset sour cider2 parent:oc:wolfsbane2 parent:sugar belle357 parent:timber spruce81 parents:cheerimac267 parents:oc x oc1228 parents:sugarmac224


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