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Lilith is an OC I've been wanting to draw for a while now. She's a Qt.

If you want to see my WIP stuff, it's on my Twitter!
explicit338732 artist:hermaeus xerxes195 oc655496 oc only432979 oc:lilith657 demon2773 demon pony1227 original species23588 pony923239 succubus1219 unicorn304174 anatomically correct22986 anus93321 big clitoris449 big crotchboobs4220 butt50873 butt freckles1780 chest freckles802 clitoris26058 clothes442491 complex background321 crotchboob freckles54 crotchboobs20291 dark genitals10432 dialogue63032 dock47584 ear piercing24601 earring19950 eyeshadow14752 female1322065 freckles27356 giga clit255 hell240 huge crotchboobs4004 imminent cunnilingus204 imminent sex5818 implied futa741 impossibly large crotchboobs4020 inverted nipples1721 jewelry58998 labia1364 latex11227 latex socks2056 lava848 lipstick10593 looking at you160217 looking back54442 looking back at you13476 makeup20253 mare458546 nipples158918 nudity356804 on side6552 piercing38893 plot76032 ponut41792 presenting23212 socks63806 solo1033593 solo female175682 speech bubble22145 spread legs18278 spreading18025 succupony78 talking to viewer2460 thicc ass1095 vaginal secretions38620 vulva122837 vulvar winking11294 wall of tags2850


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Background Pony #614B
Absolutely love this pic, but is there a chance we could see a massive cock edit?
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Go fsck yourself
This is really hot. :)

But a little constructive criticism: the text is very difficult to read. I'd suggest a different, definitely larger, font.