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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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Official preview by Seven Seas Entertainment, the manga's publisher. Source link contains high-res picture.

Alternate source
safe1559001 artist:nekoshiei99 seven seas207 pinkie pie201672 princess celestia89191 princess luna93314 smarty pants1464 alicorn191755 duck1177 earth pony191974 pony829847 rabbit4355 my little pony: the manga217 spoiler:manga143 spoiler:manga179 adorable face1160 alicorn princess220 angry23579 animal3247 arcade278 claw machine67 crane game41 cute174059 determined576 dialogue59086 disappointed462 female882856 gotta catch 'em all (mlp manga)1 happy27177 manga972 manga style126 mare406013 monochrome146577 my little pony: the manga - a day in the life of equestria4 official content63 official preview10 plushie21637 preview1885 promo248 reference3695 smiling211122 speech bubble20132 starry eyes2777 stuffed animals18 super mare-io brothers1 text50032 wingding eyes18864


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