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Size: 5118x3477 | Tagged: artist:lightisanasshole, bedroom eyes, blue eyes, blushing, blushing profusely, boop, brown eyes, brown mane, clothes, cuddling, earth pony, glasses, green eyes, group hug, group photo, group shot, happy, hug, levitation, magic, oc, oc:barpy, oc:bottom track, oc:delly, oc:dex, oc:dorm pony, oc:froster dune, oc:graceful motion, oc only, oc:pawsie hooves, oc:wrench, painting, pegasus, pony, safe, scarf, silly, silly face, simple background, smiling, telekinesis, traditional art, train, unicorn, unimpressed, watching, watercolor painting, white background
Size: 2456x3226 | Tagged: adorkable, artist:lightisanasshole, cheek fluff, chest fluff, chibi, cute, dork, ear fluff, female, happy, looking at you, messy mane, oc, oc:dorm pony, oc only, pony, safe, shadow, simple background, smiling, solo
Size: 2456x5120 | Tagged: artist:lightisanasshole, blushing, choker, clothes, cute, equestria girls, equestria girls-ified, jeans, oc, oc:dorm pony, pants, safe, simple background, smiling, solo, traditional art, white background
Size: 2109x1670 | Tagged: abstract background, alicorn, artist:lightisanasshole, bedroom eyes, blue eyes, blushing, blushing profusely, duo, duo female, female, fizzlepop berrytwist, flat colors, flower, flower in hair, lesbian, love, painting, pink background, pony, purple background, safe, shipping, shoujo, simple background, sparkles, tempestlight, tempest shadow, traditional art, twilight sparkle, twilight sparkle (alicorn), watercolor painting, wip
Size: 3840x5120 | Tagged: artist:lightisanasshole, black and white, blushing, bust, c:, derpy hooves, ear fluff, fluffy, grayscale, looking at you, love, love letter, monochrome, mouth hold, pony, portrait, safe, smiling, solo, :t, traditional art
Size: 4784x3669 | Tagged: artist:lightisanasshole, bedroom eyes, blue eyes, brown eyes, brown mane, cute, door, duo, flying, grass, grass field, looking down, looking up, love, lovers, messy mane, oc, oc:dorm pony, oc only, oc:wild waterfall, outdoors, painting, pair, pegasus, pony, raised hoof, safe, simple background, sun, traditional art, unicorn, watercolor painting, waterfall, yellow mane
Size: 1750x1750 | Tagged: :3, animated, artist:davierocket, c:, caption, confused, cute, desk, eyes closed, female, frown, gif, gif with captions, glimmerbetes, lidded eyes, mare, owo, owo what's this?, pony, raised eyebrow, safe, simple background, smiling, starlight glimmer, trixie, unicorn, walking, white background, wide eyes
Size: 3840x5120 | Tagged: artist:lightisanasshole, big eyes, black and white, blushing, chest fluff, curly hair, ear fluff, earth pony, female, fluffy, grayscale, looking at you, monochrome, mother, pear butter, pony, raised eyebrow, raised hoof, safe, sitting, smiling, solo, traditional art, wip
Size: 1280x1597 | Tagged: anthro, armband, artist:whisperfoot, bat, belt, biology, black hair, blushing, book, bottomless, braces, bridge piercing, butt freckles, cheek fluff, choker, clothes, dyed hair, dyed mane, dyed tail, ear fluff, ear freckles, ear piercing, earring, eyebrow piercing, eyeliner, eyes closed, eyeshadow, featureless crotch, femboy, fingernails, freckles, garter belt, gauges, goth, gothic, grin, hand, hoodie, jewelry, lip piercing, lipstick, makeup, male, nail polish, nails, necklace, nwn, oc, oc:berry frost, oc only, owo, partial nudity, piercing, pink hair, safe, simple background, skull, smiling, socks, solo, striped background, striped socks, studded belt, textbook, thigh highs, thigh high socks, uwu, younger
Size: 1024x768 | Tagged: alicorn, artist:akainu_pony, a trivial pursuit, c:, earth pony, floppy ears, messy mane, pinkie pie, pony, safe, smiling, spoiler:s09e16, twilight sparkle, twilight sparkle (alicorn)
Size: 2000x1365 | Tagged: adorkable, alicorn, artist:ncmares, banana, banana peel, c:, cute, dork, drool, earbuds, female, mare, messy mane, ncmares is trying to murder us, new crown, open mouth, pony, princess celestia, safe, sleeping, smiling, snoring, sunglasses, twilight sparkle, twilight sparkle (alicorn), zzz
Size: 1200x1237 | Tagged: alternate hairstyle, artist:imalou, bust, c:, cute, diapinkes, messy mane, pinkie pie, ponk, ponytail, portrait, safe, smiling, solo
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