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~Flat Sketch commission for Anon
explicit344316 artist:aer0 zer0865 rarity179564 pony943085 unicorn312742 semi-anthro13042 alternate hairstyle27522 anal winking57 anatomically correct23383 anus94826 bedroom eyes58175 black dress277 bottomless13437 clothes450399 commando489 dark genitals10729 dialogue64034 dock48580 dress43627 drool24291 drool string5506 evening dress39 evening gloves8163 evening gown28 eyeshadow15112 female1340210 fetish38896 gloves19500 heart47299 human shoulders921 humanoid torso184 imminent analingus37 imminent oral834 impossibly large butt7021 jewelry61217 kiss my ass637 large butt16050 large ponut1642 lipstick10870 lipstick fetish373 lipstick on anus66 long gloves5552 looking at you163929 looking back55728 looking back at you13961 magic71938 magic aura3887 makeup20748 mare468453 necklace18149 no panties2170 nudity362717 ponut42554 ponytail17421 raised tail14939 rearity4376 sitting61698 skirt38952 skirt lift4691 solo1046651 solo female177177 tail26325 tail aside1332 talking to viewer2566 telekinesis27123 the ass was fat13544 upskirt5761 vaginal secretions39143 vulva124934


not provided yet


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Joseph Raszagal
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Emily Brickenbrackle III
Literally the perfect kind of lewd <3

Just enough that you know where it's going, but also stopping short so you're imagination can take things further all on its own.
Posted Report
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Say, given that Rarity is winking her anus does that mean she could have enough muscle control to kiss with it? Wouldn't that be amazing? Not just her kissing you back in this image, but imagine hotdogging a pony's thick ass while her plush ponut plants kisses up and down your shaft.
Joseph Raszagal
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Emily Brickenbrackle III
Fucking Hell, this is hot. The whole "lipstick on an asshole" thing probably didn't start with MLP, but I'll be damned if MLP didn't introduce me to it.

Again, so damn hot. 10/10, would eat that ass for days.
Background Pony #5B14
Be careful, if you get a certain substance on her dress you are a goner :3