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~Flat Sketch commission for Anon
explicit365022 artist:aer0 zer0918 rarity186924 pony1026470 unicorn349130 semi-anthro13709 alternate hairstyle29369 anal winking57 anatomically correct25105 anus101301 bedroom eyes62044 black dress482 bottomless14116 clothes481406 commando516 dark genitals11871 dialogue68809 dock52665 dress46501 drool25948 drool string5928 evening dress48 evening gloves8759 evening gown29 eyeshadow16964 female1415720 fetish42193 gloves21271 heart50644 human shoulders951 humanoid torso185 imminent analingus40 imminent oral931 imminent sex7461 impossibly large butt7501 jewelry70176 kiss my ass656 large butt18422 large ponut1933 lipstick11826 lipstick fetish400 lipstick on anus86 long gloves6302 looking at you178008 looking back60911 looking back at you16330 magic76197 magic aura4768 makeup23330 mare509416 necklace21171 no panties2349 nudity386102 ponut46158 ponytail19219 raised tail16338 rearity4812 sitting66332 skirt41588 skirt lift4856 solo1105998 solo female185038 tail33044 tail aside1595 talking to viewer2999 telekinesis29102 the ass was fat14326 upskirt6082 vaginal secretions41244 vulva133753


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Joseph Raszagal
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Emily Brickenbrackle III
Literally the perfect kind of lewd <3
Just enough that you know where it’s going, but also stopping short so you’re imagination can take things further all on its own.
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Say, given that Rarity is winking her anus does that mean she could have enough muscle control to kiss with it? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Not just her kissing you back in this image, but imagine hotdogging a pony’s thick ass while her plush ponut plants kisses up and down your shaft.
Joseph Raszagal
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Emily Brickenbrackle III
Fucking Hell, this is hot. The whole “lipstick on an asshole” thing probably didn’t start with MLP, but I’ll be damned if MLP didn’t introduce me to it.
Again, so damn hot. 10/10, would eat that ass for days.
Background Pony #5B14
Be careful, if you get a certain substance on her dress you are a goner :3