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safe (1504770) artist:mricantdraw (264) apple bloom (45221) applejack (153875) big macintosh (26149) granny smith (4858) lord tirek (4347) earth pony (173750) pony (781645) twilight's kingdom (2675) apple family (496) bad end (1901) eyes closed (73927) looking back (45385) male (282771) mouth hold (14454) open mouth (113358) sad (21634) scenery (6796) stallion (83007) wagon (788) wide eyes (15540) xk-class end-of-the-world scenario (2159)


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Fan of Sunset Gamer
I know that's Tirek but at first glance I so thought that was Iron Will, I was about to ask if this is what would happen if Iron Will ate a mega mushroom from Mario lol.