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Sandbar: I don’t see the logic to the naming conventions, really. It just seems to be a pick of your parts.

Ocellus: Yeah. In most cases it’s based around the head of the creature. Which is why Hippogriffs are “Chicks”, Minotaurs are “Calves” and Hydras are “Hatchlings”

Gallus: We probably do it just to spite you.

Yona: Griffon isn’t very nice! Changeling friend!”

Gallus: No, I mean “We” as Griffons overall. We excel at being inconvenient.

Silverstream: Sounds about right.

Smolder: So confusing. Why can’t you be normal like the rest of us?


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MLP, Megaman, Modularity
“So confusing. Why can’t you be normal like the rest of us?”
“What’s your idea of ‘normal’, Smolder?”
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Gallus: "What about you Professor Fluttershy what do you call baby griffons and seapony?"
Fluttershy: Looks at the little baby creatures. "…MINE!!!"