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Commission for @FristART! Thanks as always man!
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explicit403724 artist:the-minuscule-task533 capper dapperpaws1708 captain celaeno1283 tempest shadow18044 abyssinian1433 avian268 pony1267464 unicorn420603 anthro304658 unguligrade anthro56442 my little pony: the movie20444 abs13397 accidental exposure448 amazon681 aroused1225 athletic204 awkward moment225 balls91859 bare knuckle18 beak1418 belly button92563 biceps1852 blue eyes7928 blushing231073 boxing1338 breasts329518 broken horn14862 brown fur198 casual nudity8640 chest fluff50600 cleavage fluff913 commission91830 delicious flat chest5855 dialogue77052 embarrassed13188 embarrassed nude exposure2543 english1687 erection19964 female1555154 fight6701 fist584 floppy ears62328 green hair653 green mane600 green tail106 horn108760 hot365 inconvenient erection94 male442030 mare588488 muscular female2901 nipples202968 nudity436982 pubic fluff4451 pubic hair8939 purple fur133 reasonably sized breasts2018 red hair1163 red mane847 red tail287 redeyes2 sauna545 sexy36011 small breasts3586 sparring91 sports4689 steam2416 sweat32111 sweating profusely473 taped fists28 temple shadow148 thought bubble4223 toned449 toned female178 towel4291 vulva153953 wrapping142 yellow fur132


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@Crimson Prose  
The big question as those wonder of the bulge under the towel on Capper dapper-paws believing he was to have an erection while watching tempest shadow and captain Celaeno fight over whom was to do him first.
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Tired Artist
You commission some… interesting things.
There’s technically nothing inherently sexual about this picture other than capper’s boner, but god damn, casual nudity is such a big fetish of mine that I don’t blame him one bit for that reaction.  
I love Task, he’s a good minuscule bean.
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MAH BOI Knockin’ it out again! Thaaanks Taaaask >w<!!
Truly love this threesome, I totes headcanon they poly hooked up after the movie <3. (Skystar hasn’t joined ’em yet, she still “so grounded”.)
Tempy and Celaeno totally spar every chance they get, keeping eachother at the top of their game, and make Capper referee for ’em; though he tends to sometimes get distracted (’u ‘). They put on a good show though!
Score’s 6-4. Who’s in the lead? I’ll let you guess~ ;3!