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Size: 3000x1854 | Tagged: 4chan, annoyed, anonymous, applejack, artist needed, book, cigar, computer, computer mouse, confused, dark comedy, dead, decapitated, desk, edgy, fluttershy, frown, glare, grimderp, guy fawkes mask, hunting trophy, implied death, lamp, looking at you, looking up, mane six, monitor, mounted head, oc, oc:anon, pinkie pie, rainbow dash, rarity, safe, severed head, smiling, smirk, smoking, this will end in tears, trophy, twilight sparkle, unamused, unicorn, unicorn twilight, /v/, window
Size: 1136x1243 | Tagged: armchair, artist:tjpones, chair, clothes, dead, decapitated, derp, female, frown, grayscale, grimderp, human, hunting trophy, lineart, mare, monochrome, mounted head, necktie, oc, oc:anon, pipe, pony, safe, severed head, simple background, sitting, smiling, smoking, smoking pipe, suit, :t, taxidermy, traditional art, trophy, twiggles, twilight sparkle, unicorn, wat, we are going to hell, white background
Size: 1000x700 | Tagged: aaaaaaaaaa, artist:grilledcat, basil, dead, decapitated, dragon, earth pony, female, fluttershy, flying, frown, hashtag, implied murder, looking at something, mare, open mouth, :p, pegasus, pinkie pie, pony, rainbow dash, safe, screaming, severed head, simple background, smiling, speech bubble, text, tongue out, wat, white background, why, wide eyes, x eyes
Size: 569x1167 | Tagged: ahegao, alicorn, applejack, artist needed, blood, dead, decapitated, female, fluttershy, grimderp, mane six, mane six opening poses, mare, meghan mccarthy, murder, open mouth, pinkie pie, ponified, pony, rainbow dash, rarity, season 4, semi-grimdark, severed head, tongue out, twilight sparkle, twilight sparkle (alicorn), twilight will not outlive her friends, twitter
Size: 3309x1861 | Tagged: artist:lixthefork, balloon, blood, clothes, dead, decapitated, implied murder, madame leflour, mr. turnip, pinkamena diane pie, pinkie pie, rocky, semi-grimdark, severed head, sir lintsalot, socks, twilight sparkle, x eyes
Size: 642x900 | Tagged: artist:arrkhal, blood, dead, decapitated, heart, holophernes, implied murder, judith, oc, oc:heartcall, oc only, queen of hearts, semi-grimdark, severed head, solo, sword, x eyes
Size: 2560x1920 | Tagged: apple family reunion, apple fritter, applejack, artist needed, babyjack, blood, cannibalism, crossing the line twice, dead, death, decapitated, implied murder, pun, ribcage, semi-grimdark, severed head, traditional art, visual pun, we are going to hell, x eyes
Size: 2118x3529 | Tagged: 4chan, axe, dead, dead source, decapitated, earth pony, generic pony, human, implied murder, monochrome, pony, semi-grimdark, severed head, smiling, traditional art, weapon, x eyes
Size: 1920x1080 | Tagged: anthro, artist:noben, background pony, beady eyes, blinders, bridle, clothes, cosplay, costume, dead, decapitated, female, hunting trophy, male, oc, oc:art's desire, plantigrade anthro, safe, severed head, sword, tack, the witcher, unicorn, video game, weapon, x eyes
Size: 1280x1156 | Tagged: angel bunny, artist:nobody, dead, decapitated, derpy hooves, filly, fluttershy, gun, hunting trophy, implied death, implied murder, monochrome, mosin nagant, mounted head, rifle, safe, severed head, taxidermy, weapon, x eyes
Size: 1442x1142 | Tagged: adeptus custodes, april fools, artist:sanity-x, chaos, chaos undivided, chaos (warhammer 40k), comic, crossover, cultist, cultist chan, cute, dawn of war, dead, decapitated, fangs, god-emperor of mankind, god empress of ponykind, guardian spear, helmet, heresy, horus, horus lupercal, kay-oss, nightmare moon, ponified, power armor, powered exoskeleton, princess celestia, princess luna, sanguinius, semi-grimdark, severed head, slaanesh, this will end in tears, this will end in tears and/or death, warhammer 40k, warhammer (game), x eyes
Size: 1280x960 | Tagged: artist:platinum-starz, background six, blood, bon bon, bowtie, carrot top, clothes, coat, crying, dead, death, denim skirt, derpy hooves, dj pon-3, draw the squad, female, golden harvest, hand over mouth, hoodie, human, humanized, jeans, knife, lyra heartstrings, male, miniskirt, murder, necktie, octavia is not amused, octavia melody, open mouth, pants, phone, sad, semi-grimdark, shirt, shoes, skirt, socks, stockings, sunglasses, sweetie drops, thigh highs, twilight sparkle, unamused, vest, vinyl scratch, vinyl's glasses, winged humanization, wings, x eyes
Size: 720x1280 | Tagged: angel bunny, apple, applejack, artist:happy harvey, behaving like a cat, blood, comic, dark comedy, dead, dirty, drawn on phone, earth pony, eyes closed, female, feral, filly, food, frown, glare, grin, looking at something, mare, messy mane, no pupils, oc, oc:anon, oc:filly anon, pony, prone, rabbit, semi-grimdark, simple background, sitting, smiling, sniffing, squee, sweat, sweatdrop, wat, white background, x eyes
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