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safe1724592 artist:balthasar99928 fanfic:p-theory3 airship953 beautiful5660 canterlot5735 canterlot castle2202 city4314 cloud31261 cloudsdale1309 concept art1317 detailed783 fanfic10481 fanfic art14595 future545 futuristic262 monument23 mountain5208 no pony10739 ponyville5955 railroad228 scenery8122 scenery porn855 sky14495 statue2364 train2529 wallpaper18720 waterfall1706


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It will be Princess Twilight 2.0's project to upgrade her now owned castle after all.
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The surronding buildings, not to mention the lights of the city, would greatly limit lunar observations.

Nonsence. You can still use the telescope to look inside the tower, where Luna lifes. ;-)

It has two things it reminds me of. Lindblum, from FF IX, and the more rounded parts give off a Balamb Garden vibe from FF VIII. If you ask me, this is Scenery Porn at its finest.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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A waste of biomatter
@Mugen Kagemaru
Ponyville like may look the same from a distance but Princess Luna thinks of all of her subjects.
Ponyville now has Wi-fi,chrome covering on every free hoverboard and a Moonbucks…with over 70 sizes of coffees.
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Headcanon: before canterlot was built and the princesses put on the throne, celly and luna, lived up there in a small cottage where they raised and lowered their respective celestial bodies undisturbed for unknown amount of time until they were discovered by a group of explorers who found out about their special talents

eventually a religion then a cathedral soon followed, not very long after Canterlot castle
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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A waste of biomatter
This city was intelligently designed ,you pull into canterlot station where you take the walkway up,observing the beauty of the cities majestic waterfalls until you reach the grand plaza,there lies the market district where foods,goods and wonders from all across Equis are brought by airship into the docking ports below to be stored in warehouses till there are needed . At the balconies you see the great floating pegisi city Cloudsdale and near the summit ou see the quant village of ponyville . soon you will enter the royal gardens to meet the other dignitaries for your summons with the diarchy but afterward perhaps you will visit the towers of the institute of equestrian science and technology to see what great advances the finest minds in the sovereign kingdom of Equestria have created .But first You need to find your royal apartment ,you believe it was near the Cathedral of light.If you have free time you might that company that gives tour guide of the inside of canterlot mountain ,your cousin told you about it and you always try to-GLORRRP … hmmm looks like your hungry ,you didn't eat on the train….you see a donut shop"ponyJoes" best doughnuts in Equestria…well you haven't had a donut since that bake off in fillydelphia you muse as you hear the bell above his door ring as you go inside.