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No chompy my daughter!
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northern haste
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Enter if you dare
actually winter wrap up and tanks for the memories won’t even christmas episodes they were winter ones. And also it’s not exactly clear if the best gift ever took place during season 8 or 9

@Background Pony #3CBA  
Not every season. We’ve had “Winter Wrap Up”, “Hearth’s Warming Eve”, “Tanks for the Memories”, “A Hearth’s Warming Tail”, “The Hearth’s Warming Club”, and “The Best Gift Ever”. At best that’s six.
Background Pony #8DF9
if the cragadile had eaten both of her parents the episode would’ve probably been less traumatic for scoots.
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nobody's favorite
Call it whatever you damn well please then. But from where I’m standing, the fact that they’ve been gone a long time is what matters, and arguing over exactly how long it was is a bit like arguing about the difference between an alligator or a crocodile when one of them tries to bite somebody.

Well that’s the thing, we don’t know how long they’ve been gone. We know it’s since before Scootaloo got her cutie mark and definitely since at least Season 4.
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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
OH GOOD!! Somepony had called animal control!! What took you so fr33kin’ long???!!!! You idiots better call your zoo manager to build a better fence around your exhibit animals!