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Another random Safe Haven pic from me.
Found something similar on my browsing of the interwebz so not wholly my own idea.
safe1765662 artist:40kponyguy766 derpibooru exclusive29624 oc719588 oc only469963 oc:safe haven184 earth pony272598 pony1025606 bed42785 ear fluff32023 female1415010 floppy ears55283 mare509042 onomatopoeia4699 sleeping24103 snot bubble141 solo1105408 sound effects2299 traditional art121289 wooden floor176 zzz2530


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Background Pony #8495
Safe Haven sighed as the cool, hard surface of the floor under her chin sucked at the lethargy she was feeling. She was already mostly out of bed; at this point, her rousing was as inevitable as gravity pulling her the rest of the way off- oh, no.
She felt the blanket wrapping around her barrel. Its fluffy warmth lifted her, pulling her back into its embrace. Heavy sheets wrapped around her, pinning her limbs as comfortably as they could manage; her mane came to rest on her pillow once more, even as she grumbled denial. But the cozy embrace of the bed would not be denied, and neither would the warmth of lethargy.
Mission: Get out of bed  
_Status: Close enough Doomed