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When Scootaloo hugged her parents,I squeeled and it was so adorable so see :3

Scootaloo’s parents are awesome!

I hope you like it ^^

I used Procreate

MLP is owned by Hasbro
safe1748980 artist:doraeartdreams-aspy276 mane allgood272 scootaloo51892 snap shutter287 earth pony265413 pegasus308657 pony1009228 the last crusade860 clothes475335 crying44776 eyes closed97865 family4557 father and daughter2684 female1400557 filly69535 hat90171 hug29115 like father like daughter102 like mother like daughter411 male387515 maneshutter18 mare501553 mother and daughter6083 shipping205508 shirt26131 stallion115527 straight140203 tears of joy2639 unshorn fetlocks27114


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