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Happy pride month everypony! 🏳️‍🌈

Love yourself and love whomever you love.

Don't let anypony tell you otherwise ♡


I'm seriously shipping terraburst. (๑^ c ^๑)
safe1584845 artist:crippling depression35 maud pie11786 mudbriar729 starlight glimmer44539 sunburst5940 terramar674 trixie62829 earth pony205271 hippogriff8462 pony855190 unicorn273215 student counsel1165 :t3586 alternate hairstyle24786 blushing177515 boop6849 cape9212 cheek fluff4579 chest fluff32903 clothes414035 cute180945 daaaaaaaaaaaw3214 dawwww431 diatrixes2872 ear bite1446 eyes closed81231 female1184674 gay24868 gay pride flag337 glimmerbetes3485 lesbian90398 lesbian pride flag195 licking18141 love4459 love is love5 male324244 maudabetes449 maudbriar233 nibbling241 nom2895 nose wrinkle2835 noseboop2574 pride1355 pride month355 scrunchy face6769 shipping184336 squishy cheeks2124 startrix2624 straight122141 straight pride flag16 sunbetes250 terrabetes46 terraburst1 tongue out91613 trixie's cape3403


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The Frowning Pony

It's a MLP booru, dude
@Crippling Depression
I would strongly urge you to ignore downvotes on these sort of images; unfortunately, there are people that will obsessively downvote images that explicitly support LGBT topics, while they'll be happy to fave (mostly lesbian) LGBT shipping (and NSFW) images.

If anything, count them as 2xUpvotes, because you're pissing off the sort of people that deserve to be pissed off.
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✫彡Moodiness Expressミ★
Artist -

Addicted To TwiFags
No matter…I learn from my mistakes. I know not to do this anymore, and ill do better next time. There's no such thing as an artist with no downvotes…Well atleast in some cases. ;.

Anyways. I'll do something the community loves. I was just an idea that came to my mind but not everyone wants to see this kind of stuff. I made the same mistake i always do: Not thinking before i do something.

The next thing i post will a good piece that will be something hopefully enjoyable that will give the message: I'm sorry for my mistake, but i will keep trying until things get better!

That's what i strive to do. I will keep trying, no matter how many downvotes i receive. Becoming an artist on derpibooru was the best idea, because now i can accomplish more with my art. Some day, Some how, I will get there. Not today, nor tomorrow, nor next week, maybe not even in a year, but it will happen some day. Ill be the best artist i can be. Downvote away derpibooru, I'm ready because now i know there's always something to fix, something to try again for, new things to learn and plenty more opportunities to try again.

Like i said, i love the community. There's no reason to be salty over downvotes. Anyways, ill stop protesting on this thread like a weirdo and stop here. Tomorrow is another day.
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