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Name: Dusk Gaze
Nicknames: DG, Gazey, Gazer, Duskie
Parents: Queen Twilight Sparkle And Comet Tail
Age: 17
Place of residence: Ponyville, Canterlot
Personality: Dusk is a loner who tends to treat the Canterlot libraries as part of the castle. For being the son of the “Princess Of Friendship” and “Queen Of Equestria”, Dusk only has TEOH’s children as friends and a fewtrusted guards. With being seen only as a loner “prince” who breaths books, hes picked up some training from the guards and fighting techniques from various books, making very skilled in many physical and magic forms of combat.
Relationships: Dusk has a fairly great connection with his mother and father, but gets along better with his uncle Shining. Since Twilight is always busy with saving the country and handing out orders, Dusk keeps his distance.
He has been friends with Clarissa and Cider since childhood. They are very good friends, like their parents. Cider very often teases him for not getting out much and Clarissa always stays by his side.
Talent: His talent is his ability to “read the stars”. Dusk is able to see parts of the future by using the stars as signs, his keeps a journal of every message and sigh the stars make. The stars in his cutie mark make four signs, spelling out his name.
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