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This image, with the curse lifted :D
explicit333066 artist:badumsquish1878 derpibooru exclusive26498 trixie64940 human148468 pony903036 bedroom eyes56009 blowjob30221 blushing186163 cute189366 cute porn6028 drool23574 female1303360 human male6447 human on pony action10117 human penis11025 interspecies21665 looking at you156490 looking up15267 male350435 male pov6956 nudity350200 offscreen character31929 oral46285 penis144613 pov13256 sex113642 show accurate12809 show accurate porn6471 straight129806 trixie's wagon1063


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I've always been a real fan of Trixie's design. She was one of the first characters in the series to have a fairly, if subtly, unique design :D

@Background Pony #9E73

That's what I've always admired about this show. In any other show in the world, Trixie would have been the underdog protagonist who won in the end while Twilight would have been the spoiled rich girl who always won because everything in her life had been handed to her. It's cool to see that get flipped for once. Even then, Trixie is seriously the most admirable character on the show: a woman who's been handed nothing, who's had to work for everything she has, who constantly gets the short end of things, and yet she STILL perseveres :D

"Live large, because you can be a puddle or an ocean. Ponies step on puddles, but oceans level entire cities"
- Trixie (Not really, but it sums her up perfectly) :P

It happens XD


@Background Pony #11C5
Trixie would be the top, even when doing entirely submissive things XD
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Pretty soft for a Sony.
@Dirty Bit
That's the expectation that you learn to have here huh? Especially with Badumsquish, some one is probably like "Badum drew some more weird lewd eh? I'll show him and photoshop his weird porn into normal porn!"