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Ever regretted banishing your sister to the moon?

Made this as a birthday gift to my friend Kheydinss

Enhanced overhaul Celestia by AeridicCore:

Castle of the Two Sisters map by Walter:…

Mare in the Moon model by Sarcastic-Brony:

Dock by darkskye:…

Various dead trees, grass (re-textured) and props from the Scenebuild Megapack.

Levitation particle system by Argodaemon:

Star particles by Tyler:…

Firefly particles:…
safe (1525075) artist:psfmer (49) princess celestia (87717) pony (800071) 3d (58290) 4k (991) banner (1810) butt (20945) castle (1580) castle of the royal pony sisters (657) female (849947) grass (7673) implied princess luna (366) lantern (1310) magic (62722) mare in the moon (1564) moon (20274) moonlight (631) plot (69239) ruins (1026) solo (938766) source filmmaker (34878) stars (12652) wallpaper (17329)


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