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Timelapse video on YouTube

Decided to do a timelapse video for this one. It turned out well.

Rendered with 5 4K renders @ 256 DoF samples
18 lights used in this scene

Models used:
- Sunset Shimmer body
- Sunset Shimmer head
- Sunset Shimmer hair
- Tank top
- Adidas trackpants, socks and shoes
- Gloves
- Acoustic guitar
- Stool
safe1597887 artist:imafutureguitarhero278 sunset shimmer58144 unicorn278041 anthro235939 plantigrade anthro28342 3d66278 absurd resolution63862 acoustic guitar176 arm fluff62 border164 chair6140 cheek fluff4671 chin fluff154 chromatic aberration1374 clothes418763 colored eyebrows167 colored eyelashes319 ear fluff24582 female1270975 film grain186 fingerless gloves4100 floppy ears46990 fluffy13009 freckles25615 fur405 gloves17810 gradient background11054 guitar4465 horn49183 leather gloves50 long hair3615 long mane3020 mare431561 multicolored hair4492 multicolored mane1265 multicolored tail989 musical instrument8068 neck fluff651 nose wrinkle2848 pants12713 shadow3748 shoes31481 shoulder fluff1481 signature20123 sitting56462 socks58329 solo990510 source filmmaker40234 stool1527 tanktop7002 trackpants14 vertical111 video link in description13 wall of tags2590 youtube link in the description68


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Discount Slav
@Background Pony #031B
The ones with the "large boobs" that you're talking about wouldn't be these models, they would be the ones from the NexGen pack. The breasts on this model are one size, and isn't made to be scaled without problems. I'm on the same boat as you with the large breasts thing, which is why even when I'm using the NexGen models I'm keeping the breast size pretty much in the realm of reality.

And to be fair, really I'm one of the only people doing SFM anthro content with this model.
Background Pony #8334
@Shimmering Blaze
Yes its quality but its really tiresome seeing a new vastly better model for the eqg girls and then get virtually nothing but anthros, half of which have boobs so big ut honestly is just plain stupid. Ive seen very lil done with these new modelsthat is honestly good. But hey what do i know?
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