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Artist’s description:

"I have nothing to say in my defense xD"
suggestive135378 artist:insanitylittlered97 edit125790 pinkie pie210017 rarity176002 anthro245921 arm hooves6386 ass45835 bedroom eyes56206 big breasts76095 blushing186613 breasts261185 busty pinkie pie10299 busty rarity11987 butt47074 clothes436026 female1305927 females only11752 holding2851 large butt15069 leotard4373 lesbian93116 lidded eyes28912 mirror4966 raripie811 rearity4183 shipping191689 speech bubble21713 the ass was fat13195 thong leotard280 tongue out97396 translation2384


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Those wonder if they were to demand some form of frontal view of both pinkie pie and rarity both wearing corsets when the chance movements of pinkie pie's tail was to have fondled rarity's pussy.
Background Pony #1964
"Because last time you said we'd have cupcakes, and we just had sex all night."

"I made you pancakes in the morning, darling!"

"Pancakes are not cupcakes."

"Darling, you literally work in a bakery."

"Yes, but cupcakes with my friend Rarity are not the same as cupcakes I bake at work."

"Fine, first, we will make love, then, I will bake several dozen cupcakes with you."