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My part of a collab I did with my buddy Some Leech for his latest story Sun drenched

Hope you are ready for some Male on Futa, Futa on Male, Cuddling, Oral, Worship, Musk, Size Difference, Deepthroat, Light Cumflation (Cum Inflation), and a Preposterous Amount of Splendid Sun Spunk.
explicit337595 artist:trash anon218 princess celestia92922 alicorn214281 pony918226 anus92866 balls72247 bedroom eyes56996 clopfic linked in description133 couch7760 dock47325 futa43937 futa princess celestia2565 horsecock65168 looking at you159250 nudity355204 on side6541 penis146681 ponut41561 presenting23114 raised leg7340 show accurate13747 show accurate porn6639 smiling233862 solo1030033 solo futa16095 spread legs18174 spreading17916 sweat25039 sweaty balls632 taint4920


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The merging of the skin and the nutsack, to me, comes off as super odd looking. Usually the sack of any creature is attached to the skin only slightly, and is then often seen hanging off and swinging free.
This is sexy, but the merging makes it look horrible.