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"Hi Twi!"
"Let’s do a joint selfie?"

"I am not… photogen… genic at all"
"Оh come on!"

"I warned"
Took slight liberty with the translation (above) from the original >>2010408
safe1725780 artist:hibari-kyoya13 edit134096 princess celestia95762 twilight sparkle302962 alicorn228228 pony986059 blush sticker2540 blushing200774 broken779 camera shot1245 cellphone3681 comic110176 crown17460 dialogue66467 duo62767 faic12415 female1380209 heart49124 jewelry65578 magic74222 mare490318 monochrome150891 open mouth149678 panic907 peytral3636 phone6405 property damage272 regalia20547 selfie3191 smartphone2087 speech bubble23745 telekinesis28186 translation2397 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124837


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