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suggestive (114948)artist:two-ton-neko (224)discord (27013)princess cadance (28435)princess celestia (84435)princess luna (88736)queen chrysalis (29745)alicorn (167656)anthro (203696)draconequus (6534)big breasts (57794)breast envy (331)breasts (208700)busty princess celestia (7932)busty princess luna (5444)busty queen chrysalis (2647)clothes (361941)dialogue (51482)female (775419)giantess (3070)giantlestia (244)huge breasts (26471)hyper (6677)hyper breasts (2891)impossibly large breasts (12442)macro (9280)smiling (186393)


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In Treue fest
Words cannot describe the magnificence of such a colossal princess.
I mean, they probably could, but she wouldn’t understand them.
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