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Characters and Contest by icey-wicey-1517
Base by ElementBases
safe1574863 artist:firefox23831 oc604519 oc only409546 oc:jasmine teff10 oc:midnight dew (ice1517)11 oc:white lilly48 earth pony198759 hybrid15210 pegasus239373 pony845206 unicorn265894 zebra15727 zony745 icey-verse571 choker9246 clothes408791 ear piercing21618 earring17949 eyebrow piercing719 headpiece35 interspecies offspring6353 jacket10817 jewelry50859 magical lesbian spawn10725 next generation6116 nose piercing2272 nose ring1842 offspring34368 parent:applejack3265 parent:inky rose61 parent:moonlight raven51 parent:rarity3568 parent:strawberry sunrise93 parent:zecora303 parents:applerise77 parents:inkyraven29 parents:raricora18 piercing34850 raised hoof39277 signature18872 simple background345383 socks56733 spiked wristband1058 stockings28617 thigh highs28329 transparent background179509 wristband3057


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