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safe (1428295)artist:t72b (292)derpibooru exclusive (20307)queen chrysalis (29321)oc (524770)changeling (32393)changeling queen (7774)human (130711)buggo (4)changelings in the comments (49)chirping (35)cute (148348)cutealis (1000)disembodied hand (2112)eye clipping through hair (2382)female (759337)gray background (4967)hand (6780)happy (23824)heart (37843)mare (334813)offscreen character (24133)offscreen human (96)onomatopoeia (2185)petting (1487)quadrupedal (1015)simple background (290559)solo focus (12391)text (40546)wing flutter (8)

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Background Pony #D828
pet buggos need lots of love <3

that means lots of pets, hugs, kisses, some more adult things if your in that kind of human/bug relationship, yummy meals and playtime
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Comments26 comments posted