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Here is a vector I've been doing on and off for about two weeks because of spring break, finishing other requests, and classes during the week. For some reason I find that Discord is easier to vector than ponies (I'm not sure why). Weird, oh well, ONWARD!!
safe1681643 artist:clashwolf322 discord30532 fluttershy210113 rainbow dash231258 draconequus11137 pegasus282319 pony943730 princess twilight sparkle (episode)2640 dialogue64066 element of kindness903 element of loyalty1006 female1340796 flying37420 frown22501 holding a pony2934 male364438 mare468812 shutterfly (misnaming)7 simple background385216 smiling241542 transparent background198862 vector75877 wings102284


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Background Pony #DC23
How would the series change if Discord started dating Dash instead Fluttershy?