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Hello everyone :)

Since many of you pinted out the familiar looking mare in my latest drawing of Spitfire and Rainbow Dash, I figured I'd rather show you a full version of her and create something like a meme XD

Seriously, when I'm hitting the gym, I give it all and noticed while others always look sexy or at least kinda decent when training and doing something for their health and body, I look like a mess, always being super exhausted, breathing fast, sweating and just looking…meh XD Why is it that I'm the only one being like this there? Lol, not even more corpulent or older people have that problem, ah XD What am I doing wrong XD

Anyways, this is just something and I thought I should take it with humor nonetheless and made it a small meme-drawing, comparing others with me at the gym. You can see I clearly used Spitfire from the drawing you've seen before but now I added the full version (or at least front part) I drew of Lupi XD You can see her all red from exhaustion, a sweaty, dripping face and her tongue out. That's a pretty legit depiction of myself during excercise. Spitfire is fully in bloom now on the other hand.

I sure had fun drawing my OC as comparison here and I always thought about this Me vs. others edit during the process of the original piece featuring Rainbow Dash :) Hehe, I really hope it gives you a giggle or something just like it did to me :P

Time: Around +20 minutes

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Duck - "someone befriended them, saved them, coaxed them out of their shell, and showed them that sex is nothing to be afraid of. I’m kind of envious of that rape victim"

when I get to go to the gym, it's really hard to get exhausted. I push it hard and… it only ends up slightly tiring me out, but I can't get myself to push harder. not that I'm in a hurry or anything, just doing it for health, so it's fine if I just ride that plateau. but I think that's why most people don't look tired at the gym. they can't bring themselves to push it as hard as you do.

and actually you might be pushing it a little too hard, if you're that much more wiped out than everyone else. not saying the rest of us don't need to get off our asses and actually sweat a little bit, but you might need to tone it down a little bit in the other direction. even if you get fit faster by putting yourself through hell every time, every time you're training your brain to hate exercise a little more.

so try going to the gym a few times just to mess around and have fun, rather than hard core challenging yourself. dedication and consistency is way more important than effort. don't worry about advancing faster than your body wants to, but keep at it, and I think you'll be surprised how much better you get. just have patience.

oh and get a friend to covertly film you at the gym, then I bet you'll get proof in footage that all that panting and sweating is way more noticeable to you than anyone else, and you don't look much different than the rest of the stair climbers.

and watch out for some of us who find panting and sweating sexy as hell
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When I was in college, the college gym was near a major staircase AND the gym had big open windows to see in and out. You either learned to tune that stuff out or you quit real fast.
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Go fsck yourself
Almost everyone "looks gross" until their body begins to get used to it. Keep at it! :)

When I resume running at the start of the warm season (my damn asthmatic lungs can't take cold air), I can't get a single mile without huffing & puffing, looking like a staggering drunk. LoL The first two weeks are HELL! After about a month or two, I'm up to five-plus miles every two or three days, and a mile is just enough to warm up.