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Cyber Queen Cuteness

"More whiskey for your queen?" * Cue the cute pose and jiggle the whiskey bottle *. Here she is Blackjack fans, BLACKJACK!!
So yeah, A LOT of experimentation went into this so I apologise for it taking so long (And also if it looks extremely dodgy.)
I ended up taking a full evening just on the one foreleg with the open 'hand' and whiskey bottle trying to figure out what looked best, and I must say, I'm pretty damn happy with how it turned out as a whole.

How the fuff do I fingers… How the fuff do I cybernetics… HOW THE FUFF DOES WHISKEY BOTTLE!

Crowned Queen Whiskey Version

PSD File: Source Image Included! Holy mother of god, please do not try to comprehend my mess of layers and experiments, your mind will be confounded!

Fallout Equestria © Kkat
Project Horizons © Somber

March 14, 2014
safe (1525137) artist:mrlolcats17 (195) oc (574879) oc only (394144) oc:blackjack (2264) cyborg (2896) pony (800118) unicorn (244268) fallout equestria (14725) fallout equestria: project horizons (2543) alcohol (5716) artificial hands (58) augmented (1931) blushing (168097) bottle (3313) cyber legs (132) fanfic (10026) fanfic art (12416) female (849990) grin (31210) hooves (15853) horn (36375) mare (389070) queen whiskey (40) simple background (325477) sitting (51919) smiling (203015) solo (938813) transparent background (169850) whiskey (370) wild pegasus (47)


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