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Part of a collection of cute bloated Silverlay (Silvie) after a… goddamn impossibly massive meal. :O
Edit of the lovely art by @zeldafan777 >>620023
You can find the whole collection here:
(I repost it because I just realized that I forgot to add her freckles DX)
Clean version >>2053001
safe1878403 artist:steampunk-brony69 artist:zeldafan777222 edit148103 part of a set16343 oc786547 oc only582667 oc:silverlay826 original species29580 umbra pony882 unicorn401440 series:bloated silvie collection4 adorafatty364 belly32871 big belly14306 bloated514 burp2302 chubby14547 cute222745 eating10888 fat24605 female1516201 floppy ears60059 gross324 hiccup190 huge belly5319 impossibly large belly12080 jar1199 junk food63 large belly1249 mare566082 messy2353 messy eating1374 morbidly obese8894 obese12994 ocbetes6848 onomatopoeia5665 overeating93 overweight421 plate2133 silvabetes30 silverlard9 sitting72907 soda1760 squishy2946 squishy belly48 stomach noise3762 stuffed1838 stuffed belly302 text69861 that pony sure does love cakes61 that pony sure does love eating14 weight gain4890


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