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semi-grimdark31959 suggestive159891 artist:blueblaze95248 fluttershy227772 pinkie pie229707 oc777920 oc:blueblazer57 earth pony313655 pegasus356646 pony1206786 3d91392 animated106521 balloonbutt4897 belly32557 bone3439 burp2270 burping feathers136 burping up items250 butt135830 camera4362 camera shot1380 dead4474 death5572 digestion3076 disposal547 fart2568 feather6900 female1502001 fetish45137 flutterprey656 implied applejack785 implied rainbow dash1181 implied rarity1234 implied twilight sparkle2106 impossibly large belly11951 internal4557 looking at you196436 mare557633 offscreen character39735 oral vore1150 pinkie pred625 plot95427 poop5757 post-vore1250 pov15781 preydash784 preyjack397 preylight916 rariprey578 same size vore623 scat4108 skeleton2099 sound11002 source filmmaker53930 stomach acid827 stomach noise3683 urn39 vore15985 webm16874 weight gain4834


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Background Pony #9F4C
Hmm, wonder if Tereck brainwashed her into being a hitman that uses videos to prove she made her kill.
Background Pony #FE74
YES WE NEEDED Seb111114’s videos on here! They’re all nearly here however there are a few more left to add!

Deliciously Deviant
this is amazingly well done, but the scat portion needed more work with showing the stretching, and giving it a better angle for viewing.
Background Pony #0B34
I love that Pinkie is a bit self-conscious after the burp, as if she didn’t just eat somepony.