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Thread Starter - The Nerd Out Thread

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I do not care if you like it or not, Rarijack will always be one of my favorite couples. <3

moreover, you do not necessarily have to see it like that definitely. : v
Background Pony #C898
Yeah but the point can be argued that no work is truly safe from creator bias. Even if they are neutral on the topic of making the ship canon itself, they’ll still just keep making endless Rarity & AJ eps because the team wants to see them on screen together more. There’s nothing inherently bad about putting two friends together on screen but, as previously mentioned, it does get rather stale after a while.
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@Background Pony #940C
I think it's pretty clear given the content that the staff isn't normal shippers looking to appeal to their shipping audience but rather hardcore shippers looking to appeal to themselves.
Background Pony #C898
Right, if they’re ship teasing or even if they’re only trying to show the two have chemistry, its been so overdone by now, its stale. We get it, they’re friends despite being opposites. They only have a set number of eps they can focus on the two of them each season so why limit these two characters to just interacting with each other all the time. Maybe show them hanging out with some of their other friends. Seems kinda important for a show about friendship. I’d love to see more Rarity Pinkie eps.
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@Background Pony #2BDE
So do I, but Rarijack is enough for me. I think Flutterdash would be stretching the writers good will a bit too much, considering that they have a thing for Flutters and Discord together unfortunately. I don't honestly know what do they have planned for RD, and tbh, couldn't care less, but I hope it's nothing as forced as Twilight x Flash Sentry back in 2013