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safe1750263 artist:rileyisherehide227 starlight glimmer49785 pony1010341 unicorn342228 the cutie map4166 alternate design3023 blushing204610 body pillow design2423 book34500 butt65884 chest fluff41190 clothes475926 communism812 communist manifesto20 cute205669 equal cutie mark1496 eye clipping through hair6409 eyes closed98043 female1401708 floppy ears54493 glasses64572 glimmer glutes1619 glimmerbetes3907 hammer and sickle237 human shoulders942 looking at you175656 manifesto10 mare502089 obtrusive watermark4884 onomatopoeia4573 pale belly1270 plot82114 reading glasses61 sleeping23934 socks68554 solo1094242 sound effects2255 stalin glimmer467 striped socks21941 thigh highs38178 underhoof53814 watermark16933 zzz2509


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Back to my roots
Hate me but I used to love this, now I see that her cutimark is the equal sign and for a while ive noticed the hammer and sicke and now I don't get why you are mixing the bad and evil glimmer with the goodbut still kinda evil glimmer of today.
I have conflicted feelings cause I still love how she looks. :C