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(This continues from the original ending of the Administrative Unity, which was page 18)

An old enemy is returning to power to threaten Equestria once again. Now the fate of these lands fall upon the new fusions/alicorns to lead the nation and vitually the world against this darkness. How will the new royalty tackle these impending problems and threats while maintaining peace over their dominions.
This comic commission is illustrated by the lovely Xjenn9 in collaboration between us, so give her lots of love!!

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safe1728133 artist:xjenn9fusion93 oc698420 oc:earthing elements63 oc:gentle breeze34 oc:glossy granite14 alicorn228690 earth pony257033 pegasus300434 pony988342 unicorn332815 comic:fusing the fusions201 comic:time of the fusions75 alicorn oc27152 blood24928 blushing201157 butt62364 butt expansion1182 clothes467601 comic110327 commissioner:bigonionbean1997 dat butt648 dialogue66594 dummy thicc93 embarrassed11575 fat ass317 female1382394 flustered319 fusion5264 fusion:earthing elements63 fusion:gentle breeze12 fusion:glossy granite14 glasses63172 growth5800 magic74327 male380594 mare491554 merge259 moaning6083 moaning in pleasure2937 nosebleed2384 original character do not steal752 plot80541 potion2182 shirt25571 spectacles118 spread wings55789 stallion112255 swelling346 the ass was fat14041 thicc ass1304 uniform10890 we have become one630 why2609 wings111577 writer:bigonionbean1716


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Background Pony #6C95
Posey Shy, Windy Whistles, Cloudy Quartz, and Twilight Velvet make The Ultimate MILF