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Artist’s description from DA:  
On my computer, Celestia’s drawing was labeled as “Pretty Princess” while Luna’s was “Epic Princess”. I guess that says a lot about their two very different personalities.
If you guys haven’t figured it out yet, I really enjoy drawing alicorns. I pretty much only draw alicorns. Most of the time, it’s just me drawing Celestia since I like her canon design more, but Luna is actually my favorite mlp character. Her show design is rather bland, so I upped it a few notches.
Princess Luna:
  • was originally a thestral pre-ascension, so she’s got draconic wings, tufted ears, and fangs (she has slit pupils too but I didn’t draw them in).
    ** insanely good hearing and sight, but sensitive to bright light and loud noises.
    ** fast flyer even though her wings are tattered from fighting. Also has a lot of scars hidden under her thick fur and feathers.
    ** the black splotches are not just limited to around her destiny mark (I’m calling cutie marks that now because it sounds more epic) and instead speckle her shoulders, back, and forehead.
    ** crown and necklace are made out of onyx and moonstone, necklace pattern resembles the phases of the moon.
  • Luna doesn’t have a lot of unicorn traits because she’s a whole lot more physical, but she does have a horn and a very short classical unicorn tail.
    ** The longer the horn, the more powerful the caster, while thinner horns demonstrate more complex spell-weaving. Luna’s horn is short and thick as she uses it mostly for blunt force spells and raising the moon.
  • Has picked up some pegasus traits over the years since a thestral is pretty close to a pegasus. She has a small fan of tail feathers, chest feathers, and feathered wing joints that help her fly silently.
  • Compared to Celestia, Luna’s got more earth traits since she’s more physical.
    ** Fetlocks have picked up the ethereal quality of her mane.
    ** Possesses an unnatural amount of strength and endurance that makes her extremely dangerous when fighting.
  • Celestia and Luna are only half-sisters, or even adopted sisters since they have such different appearances.
safe1752624 artist:moonrisethemage24 princess luna100844 alicorn233213 bat pony52294 bat pony alicorn2205 pony1012419 alternate design3030 bat ponified2850 colored fetlocks61 crown17995 dragon wings735 ethereal fetlocks30 ethereal mane8485 female1403709 hoof shoes5785 jewelry68532 large wings1656 lunabat124 mare503120 peytral3786 race swap14692 raised hoof48497 regalia21192 shoulder feathers23 simple background409874 smiling261670 solo1095734 spread wings57194 tattered102 tattered wings39 teal background187 unshorn fetlocks27262 wing claws269 wings123523


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