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safe1585160 screencap206037 cozy glow6270 grogar1267 lord tirek4855 queen chrysalis32683 centaur2665 changeling41194 changeling queen12825 pegasus246821 pony855404 frenemies (episode)1469 abuse6384 armpits41336 bondage30648 chrysabuse164 cloven hooves8856 cozybuse446 female1184943 filly59846 foal14908 legion of doom270 magic66484 male324330 master grogar18 overpowered36 powerful54 scared9422 stomping572 struggling886 tirekabuse40 unsexy bondage284


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Background Pony #AD37
Grogar: "Each of you failed to defeat Twilight Sparkle and her friends!"

Why do you think I decided to changed allegiances after seeing you three fail on me, huh??!