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It's okay, he can swim :D
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On vacation :D
That's true. Group of friends, plenty of one-night stands, friends-with-benefits type relationship with a goo pony, a nice house that may or may not be haunted and may or may not be a monster pony…

@Background Pony #95DD
This is true. To be fair Equestria is pretty similar to our world. The difference is it's like if nuclear bombs were sentient, constantly trying to set themselves off, and the only thing stopping them was a team of teenagers XD
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Background Pony #7545
It beats living in the dbz universe where millions get slaughtered almost every day and get brought back to life …. I wonder if those people have nightmares or go to therapy
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Background Pony #2D0D
Some believe Equestria is heaven, but life actually seems pretty rough there. We mostly just see the happy moments, which I imagine they go out of their way to create to contrast with how terrifying their world is.
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Background Pony #7545
I hope one day there will be a gmhaa trixie and a somnambula versions in the future, also how much cum is in her balls?
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Artist -

friendly art program
if it's anything sexual with the sphinx I still see no downside to it and I would likely not even try to win so I could prolong my time as being her sex slave… you underestimate how mind numbingly horny I can get and my insatiable appetite for sex as well as my admittedly unusual kinks… honestly we are not too diferent