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safe1918754 alternate version64349 artist:rileyisherehide253 autumn blaze4710 kirin11789 sounds of silence3421 :p11614 arm warmers832 awwtumn blaze861 belly button92504 blushing230936 body pillow4293 body pillow design2684 butt155313 chest fluff50558 cute228321 daaaaaaaaaaaw5578 ear fluff39564 eyelashes20440 female1554224 floppy ears62296 human shoulders1016 leg warmers2987 leonine tail10759 obtrusive watermark6370 plot106454 pubic fluff4449 silly8038 solo1225426 tail fluff223 tongue out123788 unshorn fetlocks33955 watermark20151 weapons-grade cute4187


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Background Pony #72C6
are the socks supposed to be different? there’s markings on the right but on the left its just regular stripes
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uuuhhh you gonna make me pay the consecuences of owning a daki while sill living with my parents if i can even make it to bronycon uughhh why do i have to live so far away