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Image I was working on in last night's livestream that went a bit out of control. It was just supposed to be a Celestia

[e6 source]
suggestive143278 alternate version45667 artist:suirano1486 princess celestia95133 alicorn224986 anthro260736 absolute cleavage3491 armpits42977 big breasts82273 breasts278310 busty princess celestia10243 cleavage34645 clothes460603 erect nipples10772 eyebrows5109 eyelashes10710 female1365687 horn67659 huge breasts38379 impossibly large breasts16785 mane1834 mare482005 multicolored mane1563 multicolored tail1194 nipple outline7542 praise the sun2049 purple eyes2346 royalty1216 sexy29519 solo1066094 solo female180058 sparkles4519 stupid sexy celestia1570 tail27929 wide hips17277 wings107877


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