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Data Expunged

Secretly part Australian
@Train Dodger
And that is why I love it so. I'm trying to write my own Fallout: Equestria story but it is coming together very slowly. I only have a few chapters up.

Mine takes place about five years BFE. It takes place in the Detrot cityscape after a close proximity Mega Spell detonation. As the Mega Spell exploded in the atmosphere, it caused a weather phenomenon that renders the land in a perpetual snowfall with temperatures reaching -35 in the day.

The story borrows elements from Fallout 4. Things like the main character. His name as Quantum (No it is not a self insert), a pegasus who moved from Trottingham in order to help his father in the escalating war effort. As the bombs fell, the family escapes to Stable 37 where they are but into a cryogenic sleep. After a power shortage in the pod, Quantum awakes as the sole survivor of Stable 37 and enters the Detrot wasteland.

There are more details if you are interested.

@Data Expunged

I’m a big fan, too. LOL, I saw Somber talk at a panel at Everfree Northwest. Now that was interesting. I’m kinda upset with myself for not having the nerve to say anything to him. I was still kinda sore that I applied to his editing team for PH but got turned down, even though I’d demonstrated to them that I had solid proofreading skills. I even caught errors that Icey Shake (who was quite dedicated) missed. Oh well. Their loss. I have projects of my own to work on, now.

PH in its current state, well, I think it’s a damn good fic in some respects, and a disappointment in others. It retreads a lot of the same ground and Blackjack often fails to develop as a person. The power creep didn’t feel appropriate to the setting, and the climax left something to be desired. It has a lot of very strong and touching moments. Ultimately, I think its greatest strength is in its subversiveness. It is deeply transgressive in all respects, unafraid to show us some really ugly things. The protagonist is a fascinating and rare example of a female Byronic Hero; crude, crass and vulgar to the core, the bisexual, shotgun-toting alcoholic Blackjack is both unrefined and tomboyish. Most action girls aren’t so butch, even the most foul-mouthed ones. Even in her most vulnerable moments, she has incredible grit. I have never read of a character quite like her. Who would you even begin to draw comparisons to, in our era? She’s like something from an old Baroque novel. Her life is a string of unconnected absurdities. Project Horizons is a literary non sequitur. You expect the plot to have some logic to it, but there is none. It is vicious, random and cruel happenstance in its full, gratuitous glory. Lots of things happen for no reason, most of them bad. You can actually feel the grinding despair of our heroine’s trek across the wastes.

People expect stories to make sense, but life doesn’t make any sense at all. Life is often random. A few months ago, I hit a patch of ice and crunched the right fender of my truck. Then, the month after, I was on vacation and I tripped and sliced my leg open on a desk drawer and needed twelve stitches.

Life doesn’t make any sense. Project Horizons is a close approximation of life.