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A very late (once again) birthday gift for my friend ForFun . This time I’ve decided to draw his favorite pony, the angriest of them all, Limestone Pie, having a relaxing vacation after spending the entire year guarding her family’s treasure, Holder’s Boulder, or so that was her sisters’ idea.

Wew, it was a long time since I drew MLP stuff, I should draw more of it whenever I get the chance!
suggestive (112839)artist:putinforgod (157)limestone pie (4327)marble pie (5570)maud pie (11044)octavia melody (20946)pinkie pie (188660)anthro (200228)earth pony (147499)unguligrade anthro (37299)angry (19932)beach (11015)belly (20408)belly button (59600)big breasts (56255)bikini (13698)breasts (202935)clothes (354748)dialogue (50503)erect nipples (6921)gift art (1960)holder's boulder (157)huge breasts (25717)hyper (6492)hyper pregnancy (2138)ice cream cone (400)impossibly large belly (7599)nipple outline (5053)offscreen character (24061)open mouth (103862)outie belly button (817)pointing (3169)pregnant (11105)rock (3385)sunscreen (365)swimsuit (20864)that pony sure does love rocks (124)trembling (502)vacation (147)yelling (2484)


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